Work anywhere and at any time

Obsurv is available at all times and anywhere on a PC, laptop and smart phone. 24 hours a day. Take inventory, complete inspections and complete daily maintenance: it is all recorded online and with complex import and export actions. Obsurv is a web application, which means it dovetails perfectly with the principles of the “New Way of Working”.

Dashboard: all important information at a glance

Data in Obsurv can be summarised visually in a dashboard. The dashboard provides insight at a glance into:

  • budget
  • stock
  • priority
  • escalations
  • trends

Information can be fine-tuned to the target group (manager, policy maker or data manager) and can be displayed as a dial, date, chart, report or map. You can zoom in on summarised information to the detail (simply by clicking the presented data), and this is customisable and available on different platforms.

No training classes necessary

Obsurv has an attractive interface that is simple and intuitive to use. Extensive training classes are not needed. The simplicity is also reflected in the unique way in which the various modules and budgets can be created and coordinated with each other.

Screens in Obsurv work in a similar manner to that used in Excel. It is easy to sort and filter data, adjust the layout, and switch columns on and off. You search for data by typing in search terms without having to define and enter complex requests.

Seeing is believing

We are convinced that managing can be made easier with OBSURV, but seeing is believing. So, request a temporary license and see Obsurv in action for yourself.

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