Obsurv = open it standards

The Obsurv software can be easily integrated in any IT infrastructure. Data can be accessed in GIS and CAD systems, viewers and in report tools such as Crystal reports, Cognos, etc.

The Obsurv software:

  • Is web based
  • Satisfies the most current IT standards
  • Uses web services
  • Supports all relevant open standards such as GML, Open GIS, WMS and WFS


The management, modifying and querying of Obsurv administrative and graphical data is implemented using an Oracle spatial database. This has the major benefit of the data being stored according to the open GIS standards WMS and WFS and as such can be directly accessed by other applications. Obsurv information can be used in CAD and GIS systems such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD and Microstation without conversion. It also means that multiple users can access the data simultaneously and management, authorisation and availability is easily managed.

The management maps are published in Obsurv using a powerful WebGIS server. Data can be directly input via the map without using complex interfaces.