About Obsurv

We are convinced that the management of our living and work environment can be easier. This is why Sweco developed Obsurv. It is a web-based management system with the simplicity of Google Maps, the flexibility of Excel and the design polish of Apple.

Obsurv in brief:

  • The first real integrated management system: planning and budgeting in one process.
  • Attractive interface, simple and intuitive to use. No training class necessary.
  • Available at all times and anywhere on a PC, laptop and smart phone. 24 hours a day
  • Satisfies and communicates using the most up-to-date (open) IT standards

What can you do with Obsurv?

It is a challenge to manage our living and work environment. As manager, you want to know: which assets do I have? What is the quality like? What costs will be incurred to maintain our assets in the coming year? Obsurv provides the answers to these questions and provides support for the associated work processes. What can you do with Obsurv?

Seeing is believing

We are convinced that managing can be made easier with OBSURV, but seeing is believing. So, request a temporary license and see Obsurv in action for yourself.

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3D data and HoloLens

We are highly committed to collaboration and innovation, together with our clients. A good example of this is highlighted in our video which shows how Obsurv 3D data and the Hololens offer great possibilities for the municipality of Rotterdam. (more…)

Powered by Sweco

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