What can you do with obsurv?

It is a challenge to manage our living and work environment. As manager, you want to know: which assets do I have? What is the quality like? What costs will be incurred to maintain our assets in the coming year? Obsurv provides the answers to these questions and provides support for the associated work processes.

completing daily maintenance

Obsurv allows you to record the completion of daily maintenance. This process consists of the recording, approving, performance and signing off of reports. This all occurs online so everyone involved always has access to the correct and current information.

taking inventory and inspections

Obsurv has various (online) drawing features to support employees in the field when performing tasks for new or changed objects. The drawing features are kept to the minimum for what is actually needed. Nothing more, nothing less. And all without the need for complex importing and exporting actions.

intelligent planning and budgeting

You not only want to know where everything is located, you also want to work out where more or less can be expended. And, naturally, you also always want to maintain quality at an acceptable level. Obsurv allows you to record different levels of quality using scale bars for the CROW.

Obsurv allows you to plan and budget your management at the tactical and strategic level. It is easy to draw up a multi-year maintenance plan. It is a real integrated management system: planning and budgeting in one process.

Obsurv makes managing easier


  • Choices based on ambition level and image quality
  • Integrated overview of assets and maintenance plans
  • Quick insight using dashboards


  • Multi-year maintenance plans
  • Calculate financial outcome of maintenance scenarios


  • Daily maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Data management


We are convinced that managing can be made easier with OBSURV, but seeing is believing. So, request a temporary license and see Obsurv in action for yourself.


Work anywhere and at any time

Obsurv is available at all times and anywhere on a PC, laptop and smart phone. 24 hours a day. Take inventory, complete inspections and complete daily maintenance: it is all recorded online and with complex import and export actions. Obsurv is a web application, which means it dovetails perfectly with the principles of the “New Way of Working”.


Obsurv = open it standards

The Obsurv software can be easily integrated in any IT infrastructure. Data can be accessed in GIS and CAD systems, viewers and in report tools such as Crystal reports, Cognos, etc.